What Are Good Board Games For Adults

What Are Good Board Games For Adults

Preferences for board games vary greatly depending on the players. Some are more of into strategizing, memorizing, skillful hand-eye coordination and the like while some are pure luck. Some like a bit of quiet concentration while others want some conversation going on while playing.

That is why there is a vast array of games created to cater to any varying preferences. But what are good games for adults like? What are good games for adults and the qualities that they possess that make them great and enjoyable?

Below are a few qualities that will identify the things you can watch out for in great adult games:


Any game that is too complicated to begin with wouldn’t really catch any player’s attention. A good board game, even for adults, must be simple enough for everybody to get. You can assess the simplicity of a good board game for adults by running down the instructions and seeing if you can understand it at first read-through.

If you find yourself reading it for the fourth time and still not getting quite into the idea of it, better ditch it. A good board game will give you the element of fun and excitement and challenge without having to wreck your brain in deciding how to go about it in the first place.


There are hundreds of board games out there now –partly thanks to the human creativity and the need for entertainment that is beyond electronics and television. Some board games are an offshoot of each other, but that does not automatically mean that they are no longer unique.

Conversely, there are some board games that are named differently and conceptualized differently but seem to be too similar towards other more common board games, thus losing their sense of originality and authenticity. Part of what makes good games for adults is the fact that you are enjoying something new and unique to the rest of the games you have tried before.


Despite being played over and over again, some classic games never lose their appeal. That is one very important quality of a good board game, especially for adults. Some board games can cost a lot, and thus, being able to play them over and over again without losing a sense of excitement and challenge will definitely speak of their value.

A classic example is the game of chess. It has been in existence for hundreds of years and it is still played and enjoyed by many. This re-playability makes a game just as enjoyable during the tenth time as it was during the first time it was played.


A certain element of surprise is paramount to achieving full enjoyment in a game. There must be a good amount of tension in a game such that players are at grips and are engaged at most times during the game.

Low tension for prolonged periods of time in a board game can result in boredom and players may lose interest quite easily. Make sure that the board game you choose provides a good series of interesting events that will keep you on your toes and make you anticipate more.


Equal playing chances and equal footing are essential for challenging opponents to get ahead of each other. This is particularly important at the start of a game where everyone should have equal chances of winning in order to pique everyone’s interest in striving to win.

Also, it is essential for each gamer to have the same level of chance to win up until the very end. This adds to the unpredictability of the game and can cause all players to exert an equal amount of effort into achieving a win even up to the very end.


Downtimes are very much discouraged when playing. A good amount of waiting time for a board game should be as little as possible. If there must be a waiting time, it must be a useful one.

One classic example is the game of chess. The downtime for an opponent may be used to strategize the next moves. This engages both players at all times, and nobody loses interest in the game since there is still activity during waiting times.

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