Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life Sing It or Shout It Review

Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life Sing It or Shout It Review

Some people have a love-hate relationship with singing. They simply love to sing but tend to hate it when they do. If you are looking for a good excuse to belt out that extra high note you’re been practicing in the bathroom for the past week, this game is just right for you.

No talent needed! It does not matter how you sound so long as you get the lyrics right.


  • Spontaneous and simple
  • Talent not required
  • Great game for kids and adults
  • Award-winning
  • Good for the brain


If you love singing and you love games, this board game is just the right game for you and your family. It is a spontaneous board game that involves singing songs that pop out at the top of your head.

The mechanics are pretty much simple. You get a trigger word and think of a song with that word in it as fast as you can to swamp your opponents. First to finish is the winner.

Even though there is singing involved, you do not really need that much talent as this Spontaneous Board Game is not truly a voice competition but a game of lyrics and recall. You can either sing, recite, or even shout it out just as long as you get the right word into the right song.

If you are a frustrated singer at heart, this Spontaneous Board Game is just the right game to give you bountiful opportunity to sing your heart out and have fun at it while your friends listen and sing along too.

Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life is fit for all age groups that are capable of talking or singing. Your little toddler and his nursery rhymes can very well join in.

Grandparents with their classic hits, parents with their retro music and the pop music of today’s teens will surely have a place in this game. It is truly a game fit for the whole family.

Not only that, it is also a great game for friends. Whether you’re just passing time and getting rid of boredom, or you’re over a friend’s house getting drinks.

The Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life is actually so much fun and so innovative that it has been awarded as the top new fun game of 2015, among others such as Mom’s Choice Gold award, parent-tested parent-approved seal of approval, Dr. Toy’s best vacation product, Creative child magazine game of the year, play advances league award, and Mom’s best hot product award. In fact, it is one of the top selling board games of 2015!

You can make sure that in your next after-dinner family get together, at your friend’s slumber party, at an adult drinking party, between college friends, at any friendly gathering, you won’t need a stereo or an mp3 player because your guests will be singing their hearts out to tunes both familiar and new.

Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life is such a great way to get people together, break awkward silences, and get the party really going.

Not only will you have loads of fun with Spontaneous Board Game: The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life, you will also be engaging in some good brain exercise since it improves memory and word-association.

Younger players can learn a new word skill with each game, and older players are able to keep sharp at all times.

Spontaneous makes sure that you have all the fun you can get while keeping your brain in tip-top shape. You will surely love to play it over and over again as it never gets old since every game will be a new experience for all players.

There are 50 Spontaneous Challenge cards that add an element of strategy and chance which means more excitement and fun for everybody.


One user noted that it was difficult to determine who came in first and who is next, as sometime all the players were either singing in a chorus or in a jumble, or straining to listen who can sing all the words in proper order, which created some confusion and argument.

The same user commented that it would perhaps be helpful if there was a timer or a buzzer to see who can come first or who is allowed the opportunity to sing.


This game doubles the entertainment value since you’re not just playing, you are also performing! It is a great way to break the ice at quiet gatherings to get to know everybody and let everybody be heard.

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