Splendor Board Game Review

Splendor Board Game Review

If you are quite particular when it comes to the looks of things, this board game is printed to impress. Splendor Board Game comes with vivid and colorful detail and gives you a sense of time travel as you embody a rich merchant during the renaissance.

Sort of like the Renaissance version of Monopoly, this is a game of strategy, as well as a good grasp of economics.


  • For 2-4 players ages 10 and up
  • Challenging economic game with average 30 minute game time
  • Beautiful game artistry
  • Easy game mechanics
  • Strategic and stimulating


Splendor Board Game is a wonderfully made board game designed for 2 to 4 players aged 10 years and above. The game involves a sense of panache and some imagination and characterization as you are thrust into the Renaissance era as a wealthy merchant with the objective of gaining prestige and splendor by acquiring riches, hiring artisans, and wooing nobles. It truly reflects its name.

With an average game time of 30 minutes, it is a quick, challenging game of economics as you amass riches and gain reputation. It is a combination of arithmetic, currency, and strategizing in order to cut your opponents down while rising up to riches.

It is a wonderful strategic game that is both cutthroat and open-handed enough for a player to do whatever it takes to be able to rise above and create the most magnificent jewelry, acquire the most wealth, and impress the most nobility to be able to win.

Your 30 minutes will be time well spent and well enjoyed by both you and your friends and family. It is long enough for everyone to be able to indulge and be satisfied with the fun provided by it, but also short enough for it to not be too dragging or boring, especially when it comes to younger players who may be easily distracted, or easily worn out.

All players both young and old will be able to enjoy the Splendor Board Game at home, at a picnic, or at a party gathering.

Splendor Board Game is made with such beautifully designed cards and gem chips that will surely entice the players and invite them to join in and dive into the Renaissance. Each card comes with delightful and colorful characters in vivid color and life.

Each piece is a work of art that will truly bring you back in artistic time, to the era of famed artisans and skillful craftsmen.

The mechanics of Splendor Board Game are easy enough for a grade-schooler to participate in. All you have to do is put on your merchant’s hat, gain wealth in the form of mines and transport, hire artisans, and acquire prestige among the nobility.

You can also acquire precious gems in the process, trade them for cards, trade the cards for more precious gems, and make the most elaborate and ornate piece of jewelry that will surely impress the nobles and win you the game!

This means that Splendor Board Game is not only a good-looking piece of the board game but also a clever and cutthroat game of strategy, planning, and critical thinking. You will surely never get bored of playing this board game as you will continually be stimulated throughout the game, both by the magnificent design elements incorporated in the board and the pieces and also the challenging and strategizing nature of the game.


One previous buyer found that the Splendor Board Game’s cutthroat nature was too much and was not really good for his character. The game itself received great reviews, it was just that some players do not like who they become while playing the game.

This was primarily due to the open-handed nature of the game which allows players to be as greedy as they want –enabling them to cut off other players by withholding or purchasing cards that they need whether you need it or not, just so that you get the upper hand at the game.

For some more sensitive players, this may cause some argument and may turn a fun time into a quarrelsome experience. Nevertheless, if you’re a good sport and can handle a few sneaky moves, Splendor Board Game might be just right for you.


If you are a fan of period eras, this game might be visually appealing to you. Aside from that, it is simple enough to understand and mentally stimulating enough to keep you on your toes for the rest of the game.

Delight in the wonderfully crafted pieces as you craft pieces of your own during the game. Time-travel in a box!

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