Portal The Uncooperative Board Game Review

Portal The Uncooperative Board Game Review

If you love Portal the video game, you are surely going to love Portal the board game. The wonderful and funny scenes in our favorite laboratory game have now been translated into an actual tangible board game that we can all grow to love.

It would be nice to part with your computer screen for a while and give your eyes a rest, but what will you do with all that time? Besides, living without video games does not seem like living at all for some folks. That is why this video game inspired board game was sent from the heavens!


  • Designed by Valve
  • Fast and fun
  • Modular board, Unique interlocking tile board
  • Includes miniatures of Portal game elements
  • Includes free Steam code for a copy of Portal 2


Portal The Uncooperative Board Game is designed by the very same designers of Portal and Portal 2 –Valve. This can ensure you a true and authentic feel to your board game that is very similar to the real thing, except that you actually control the pieces by hand!

Not only are you assured of a unique and authentic experience, you can also be sure that Portal The Uncooperative Board Game is made with utmost quality that lives up to Valve’s standards when it comes to entertainment and materializing their own game through a board game.

It is a fast and fun experience like no other. You get the feel of the thrill in testing in laboratories and cunningly overtaking your opponents in the final aim for victory!

It has plenty enough elements to pose an intriguing challenge for its players, and at the same time, its mechanics are simple enough to understand so you and your friends and family can play along easily without the confusion found in more complicated games. In the simplest of terms, the game works in this manner: you have a set number of test subjects which you use to gain more test subjects for your scientific excursion and/or to gain more cake.

Having more cake than your opponents means that you must now end the game as quickly as possible by getting rid of your opponent’s test subjects before they can turn the tide around.

Probably part of what makes playing Portal The Uncooperative Board Game feel so authentic and unique all at once is its modular interlocking tile board that is made to resemble lab rooms. Other familiar elements such as cake, test subjects, and a companion cube will be moved around these unique tiles.

The tiles number to only fifteen but do not seem to be short of number since, for each turn, the player is given a chance to choose a tile from the previously used end and transfer it to the other end to create a unique and ever-changing scenario for each game play.

In a sense, the board recycles itself during gameplay conveniently at the will of the players and can be so much chaos and so much fun all at once, especially with more players on the board.

At the end of it all is a falling chamber that dooms all test subjects into oblivion. However, if your test subjects do number more than your opponents’, their fall might not be for naught as you get prized tokens and the ever-valuable cake.

On top of the unique gaming experience and the authentic game pieces that are an extract from the video game, Portal The Uncooperative Board Game comes also with a free Steam code for a copy of Portal 2, which gives you access to the video game, and gives you the unique opportunity to actually compare the board game with its digital counterpart.


Despite the uniqueness of Portal The Uncooperative Board Game’s interlocking tiles, some players may notice that some tiles do not fit easily with each other, and some even get stuck together. This may prove a difficulty when it comes to flipping tiles at each turn and getting them unstuck with each other or getting them together in the first place.

This is a mild annoyance but may disrupt the game for some very serious players who want a smoother game.

Some other players argue that they expected much more for its value and that the pieces were too few for its price. Others also found the mechanics of the fast-paced game too complicated. That is probably why it is recommended for players 15 years of age and up.


If you are a fan of the video game, the board game will surely excite you. It comes with fun and funky pieces that will remind you of the video game, except that this time, you get a truly tangible experience while playing.

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