Popular Board Games

Popular Board Games

Here’s a list of the world’s most popular board games. You’ll never go bored again with all these games to choose from.


This popular classic is made for two players. It is played on a checkered game board with 64 total squares arranged with eight columns by eight rows, where 32 pieces -16 per player –are specifically placed in order. Each type of piece has its own unique moves, and the main objective is to strategize the pieces in order to capture the “king”.


Also known as Draughts in other countries, checkers is also a game for two in a checkered game board. The difference with chess is that it has very uniform pieces that may be moved diagonally with the objective to capture as many of the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. The checkered board varies from an 8×8 to a 12×12.


Named after the concept of monopoly, wherein an economy is dominated by a single entity, the game is played by players who move around the game board, buying or trading property, developing their property and collecting rent from opponents, with the primary objective of driving all other opponents into bankruptcy and monopolizing the game.


A word game played on a board with lettered tiles to form words in a left to right or downward direction, such as that of a crossword puzzle. The words formed must be found in a standard dictionary or a reputable reference.

The word game is so popular worldwide that it has been translated into different languages and has sold more than a hundred million sets worldwide.


This is a popular murder mystery game for those into the likes of crime scene investigation. As with all other murder mystery games, the primary objective of Clue is to determine who killed the victim, the weapon used, and the location of the crime.

The game involves up to six players who take the characters of the suspects involved as they try to gather clues as to the details of the crime.


The theme of this board game is world domination. Accommodating between two to six players who take turns in rolling dice,

Risk is played on a board that resembles the political map of the world, divided into a number of territories. The objective is to occupy as many territories as you can while eliminating other opponents.

Game of life

Also simply known as Life, the Game of Life is patterned after a person’s average life events that span from college graduation to his retirement. In between are usually marriage, jobs, and possible kids. The game is played between two or more players, with a maximum of ten players for some versions.

Chutes and ladders

Otherwise known as Snakes and Ladders in other countries, this game is actually of ancient Indian origin and is still played widely up to this day. The board consists of checkers that are numbered and have scattered chutes or snakes and ladders –the snakes/ chutes lead down and the ladders give players a boost up.

Players take turns moving along the board with a dice and trying their luck to land on either a chute or a ladder.


The board is also an 8×8 checkered one with identical discs that are bright on one side and dark on the other Two players place the identical discs with their assigned colour on each tile and the objective is to be able to turn all or most of the opponent’s discs into your discs by flipping their colour by a certain mechanic.


Of Chinese origin, this is a board game for two players with the main objective of encircling more territory in the board than the opponent. It is about 5,500 years old and was invented in ancient China.


Known as one of the oldest board games to exist, backgammon is believed to have existed over 5000 years ago. It is a game combining strategy and luck. It is played by two taking turns on a board with a dice, and with the main objective of getting all of your pieces out of the board before your opponent.


Dating from World War I, Battleship started out as a paper and pencil game. Originally it was sold as a pad and pens before the board game was manufactured and released. The main objective of the game is to destroy all enemy battleships and end by crushing the opponent.

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