Fact or Crap Board Game Review

Fact or Crap Board Game Review

Trivia games can be quite fun and stimulating; however, they can also be too challenging for some folks. The good news is there is a trivia game that does not require you to wreck your brain for specific information.

All you really have to do is to decide whether if it’s Fact or Crap.


  • Simple and easy to play
  • 3 or more players required, ages 12 and up
  • Top-selling board game
  • Includes question to answer and bonus cards, hourglass timer, and token chips


Fact or Crap Board Game is a simple and easy to play game that has but one ultimate question: is it fact or is it crap? Unlike many other trivia board games, Fact or Crap Board Game actually gives you the chance to answer by validating the statement given, rather than by answering a specific question with a precise fact, making it difficult for those who are less scholarly or less into facts to play along with.

Fact or Crap Board Game actually supplies you with the statements and all you really have to do is to verify whether it is indeed fact or just plain old crap. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, especially for a trivia game.

To maximize the fun factor in Fact or Crap Board Game, at least 3 players aged 12 and above are required. To play it, one of the players reads the Fact or Crap statement and the rest quickly place their fact or crap answer cards on the table.

The first one to place his card is determined by the reading player, and if his validation is correct, he receives two tokens; but if it is not, he loses two tokens in return. All players take turns in being the reader.

To win, you must either have more tokens than your opponents when all the loose tokens are gone, or you must eliminate your opponents by causing them to lose all of their tokens with wrong answers. All it takes are a few wrong answers since all players are given a fixed number of tokens at the start of a game, one Fact answer card, and one Crap answer card.

The rest of the tokens, along with the questions and bonus cards are placed in the middle.

Fact or Crap Board Game is so much fun and is such a simple game to play that it actually is a top selling game with over 4 million sets sold. You can bet that you can join the millions of other friends and families that are enjoying their very own Fact or Crap Board Game in their own homes.

All it requires is a flat surface, and you are good to go. The pieces are very much portable so you can bring the game along with you over to a friend’s house, at a picnic, in the park, at school for a quick break, and even on travel, to keep you and your buddies occupied during long periods of vacation.

Fact or Crap Board Game can be your very own enjoyable escape to keep boredom at bay and to keep the fun alive at all times.

One set of Fact or Crap Board Game includes answer cards which are either Fact or Crap, question cards that contain fact and crap statements, an hourglass timer, and bonus cards. It comes equipped with everything that you need in order to enjoy a good trivia game.

In addition, you also get tons of new facts to add to your roster of knowledge. This is also very educational for students who play it and may even aid them for school.


A few of the previous players did not actually appreciate the simpler way of answering the Fact or Crap Board Game since it can become just another guessing game, especially if the statements presented are too vague or far too unknown. Also, one user stated that the game seems to go on for too long and that the chips take a very long time to consume.

According to the same user, there are many other trivia board games that are better than Fact or Crap Board Game.

In addition, the replayability of the board game is affected by its simplicity. If one establishes a statement as either fact or crap, it remains that way in the next games, and so the statements and facts become rather memorized, or it turns out into a guessing game instead of trivia.


If you’re looking for a good trivia game without too much challenge, this board game may be just the right amount of challenge you need. You do not need to eat an encyclopedia in order to answer the trivia in this board game.

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