Classic Board Games For Adults

Classic Board Games For Adults

Classic board games for adults have been around for generations. Since they are such classics, they usually come in different names for different places and different nationalities. Despite their differences, the fact still remains that they have become classic pieces since they have been well-loved, well played, and appreciated by the millions who play them worldwide and the amount of acceptance that the public has had for them has transcended into generations.

Below are a few examples of classic board games for adults that have been played by many generations before and yet are still very much enjoyed by many up until this day.


War games and strategy might be your thing when it comes to board games if you choose to play battleship. This classic board game dates back to the First World War and started out as a paper game before it was translated into hardboard.

This game is quite serious and may be quiet and is the type you play one-on-one with a friend or a special someone. It does get intense when it comes to sinking battleships, but all in good sport. It is described often as fun, edgy, clever, ambitious, and reasonable.


Alright, it may not be technically a board game, but it does operate in what is similar to a board, with the players themselves as twisty bendy playing pieces. This classic game is perfect for a fun and boisterous adult party since the twisty nature of the game can put you into awkward and almost impossible positions, depending on your individual spin and the amount of luck you get.

It is a fun game for a slumber party, but throwing in some variety with the players can help spice things up a bit too.


Among the classic board games for adults, monopoly probably is one of the most popular. It is highly competitive, and older players can tend to get more serious with the competition to monopolize the economy.

Some playing groups actually use real money in lieu of the paper bills provided with a monopoly set, thus improving the excitement and competition within the game. Hitting the jackpot and walking away with all the monopoly money suddenly seems twice as enticing this time around.


This is such a classic and fun go-to game for many people, especially as we grow older and learn a lot more words in addition to our existing vocabulary. Whether you’re playing indoors in bad weather, or if you’re bringing the board along with you on a sunny afternoon for a picnic, Scrabble is one of those classic board games for adults that you just cannot go wrong with.

To add to the challenge, or for a sense of variety, you can categorize the words you are allowed to lay out such as animals or food.


This classic board game for adults is played with two or four players with the objective of getting all four of your color utensils from the starting location to your home space. You can also play this game while partnering up into twos and cheer each other on as you play which makes it the perfect game for couple friends who are up to a double date or are simply visiting.


Also known as Frustration in the UK, this classic board game for adults is played with the primary objective of sending all four pieces all the way around the board with a roll of a dice. It is played similarly to Sorry! with just a slightly different setting and board.

It is without a doubt that these classic board games for adults will remain classics for as long as the future generation can get to know them and love them by heart just as the past generations have. It is not just a distant wish since there are indeed classic board games that have survived decades and are still being played and loved by both children and adults of today’s modern world. A true classic board game never does expire.

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