Carrom Game Board Large Review

Carrom Game Board Large Review

Looking for a good board game but can’t seem to decide on which one? Why not get a hundred? That’s right, you can get a hundred different board games with just one board and a good number of pieces.

This board is indeed the most versatile game board you can find. All you need to do is to choose a game, flip through the instructions, set up your chosen game, and have fun!


  • Dual-sized
  • 100 game options including carom, crokinole, checkers, billiards
  • 44 playing pieces, 2 cue sticks, number discs and instructions
  • Sturdy .75 inch thick wooden frame and .1875 inch thick play surface
  • Coated paper graphics surface, wooden grain design, hand-tied corner nets
  • No assembly required, for ages 13 and up


The Carrom Game Board comes in two sizes, so you can either play it large or go a bit discreet and play with a smaller board. This can come in handy if you are playing in tight spaces, such as on a plane to pass time, or in any commute that can take hours such as when traveling.

Since it is not ideal to be reading or to have screen time while in motion, having a handy Carrom Game Board will be very useful to kill time when boredom strikes and to add a little element of fun while staying put. Otherwise, the larger Carrom Game Board is simply perfect for parties and larger gatherings to get everybody involved and for spectators to be able to easily witness the game progress as it unfolds between players.

The Carrom Game Board is indeed very versatile. In fact, it is more than versatile, with one hundred game options to choose from. These game options include more popular games such as carom, checkers, crokinole and even billiards.

You can have tons of fun and games without ever growing tired of the Carrom Game Board because it is one hundred different games on one board. You do not need to bring along a hundred different boards because it is all packed in one clever and versatile board that will suit your gaming preferences.

The Carrom Game Board comes complete with 44 playing pieces, 2 cue sticks for billiards, number disks, and instructions for its 100 games and how to set them up. All of these pieces fit in one compact case that you can bring anywhere at any time to play anything with just about anyone who is able and willing.

The playing pieces are a fun element to any gaming console and will surely light up the mood for any occasion.

Carrom Game Boards are made to last several lifetimes. It is made with the same quality that other Carrom-manufactured boards are made under.

You can feel it in its .75 inch thick solid wood frame and the .1875 inch thick playing surface that this is indeed a board that is built to last. Not only that, it comes with a tastefully designed paper graphics surface, a wooden grain design, and hand-tied corner nets to ensure the authentic gaming experience is felt throughout the game by all players and spectators involved.

Out of the box, you can play it right away, since the Carrom Game Board requires no assembly at all. All you need to do is to decide on a game, set up the pieces, and enjoy!

The Carrom Game Board is meant for players 13 years of age and above. Older kids can enjoy it with friends and with parents or grandparents too.


One previous buyer was disdained that the Carrom Game Board did not seem to have anything to do with the game of Carrom. Carrom is actually the name of the company that manufactured it, although, the Carrom Game Board does claim that one of the 100 games featured in the Carrom Game Board is the game of Carrom itself.

Also, the same user found that there are no YouTube demos on how to use this particular game board for the Carrom company, making it difficult for the user to really understand how the board works if they want a visual guide on how to use it on top of the instruction manual that comes with the game board itself.


It is not clear whether the game board itself does come with a Carrom playing set, but what is clear is that you get a hundred games with just one set and for the price of just one board game. It is definitely worth each cent as you can easily translate it into a hundred varieties.

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