Best Game For Adult Strategy

Best Game For Adult Strategy

Adults tend to love doing a lot of thinking. That is most likely why game makers like to make strategy games that can make the mind tick and the heart beat just a tiny bit faster to get a bit of excitement going after a dinner party at a friend’s house or at home with the kids when they are old enough to play along.

Below are some examples of the best games for adult strategy that will surely stimulate your brain and give you some good mental exercise:


Each player is given a territory in a political world map, and the main objective is to conquer other territories. It is sort of like a war and political conquest scenario, except that it’s a whole lot more fun and not at all violent –unless a fight breaks out mid-game. 3 to 5 gamers can play along for a lengthy game period of 2 to 6 hours.

If you think you’ve got all the time to pass, or if the weather outside forces you to stay indoors for an indefinitely long period of time, then Risk might just be the right board game to pull out of the box. Beat your opponents in battle, gain control of their territory and practice your evil laugh of dominion while enjoying the game.

Axis and Allies

Similar to Risk, except more intense. It is actually based on the Second World War and is one of the best games for adult strategy with the objective of not just capturing territories, but winning the war by capturing critical territories to gain an advantage over opponents.

One more difference that it has from Risk is that you are allied with a specific set of countries that forms either the Axis powers or the Allies. This game is more intense in a sense that it is not just a strategic war game; it is also a strategic economic game. You will find out soon enough when you try it.


If you feel that you do not have hours to spare to pore over a board to conquer a world, try your hand at Carcassonne. All you need are roughly 45 minutes to lay down tiles to develop the town called Carcassonne. All you have to do with this strategy game is to develop your town better than your opponent by using your population to build cities, roads, fields, and the like.

Not only does the game depend on strategy, it also requires some element of luck, which means that the game will not be repetitive no matter how many times you play it. This is a big plus on the issue of replayability.

Settlers of Catan

Simply known as Settlers, it is mainly based on a resource-gathering strategy that is very versatile such that no two games are ever the same. The game set includes 19 movable tablets that represent terrain that is surrounded by water. These terrains produce wood, wool, ore, brick, or grain.

The primary objective of the game is to gain ten victory points by creating cities by gathering a certain amount of resource that is obtained by card. Victory points can also be gained by receiving titles such as having the longest road or the largest army. While Settlers may be a bit harder to grasp at first, if you do get the hang of it, it grows on you quite quickly and becomes deeply loved.


Imagine combining poker, board games, and Connect 4 into one board game. That is Sequence –perhaps the most strategic game ever created. This game involves the use of cards –a specific number is dealt every player depending on how many there are.

The main goal is to have five chips in a row. This can be achieved through teamwork. However, the challenge with this is that team members are not allowed coaching between team members.


Dominion is a strategic game that is played with cards, where you portray a great King with the objective of enlarging your kingdom by acquiring as much land as you can. The catch is that your opponents are in the exact same predicament as you, so you can expect a lot of land-grabbing to happen here.

So while you are trying to increase your kingdom size, you will also be quite busy building defenses so as to protect your captured lands. All you need is a friend or two, and about 30 to 45 minutes to be able to enjoy this game.


If you are into words as much as you are into strategizing, Scrabble might just be the board game for you. It is ultimately the favourite game for language and spelling nerds who are up for the challenge of spelling the longest word with the most number of difficult letters such as Q. the points awarded is different per letter and per playing tile, as well as the difficulty and even the placement of the tiles on the board which so happens to have scattered bonuses here and there.


Who doesn’t know chess? It is simply the royalty of all board games. After many years, it has retained its position as one of the most sophisticated and clever strategy games ever created for a board.

It originated in 6th century India and had since gained so much popularity that it is the most widely played board game in the world. It is based purely on strategic skill and cunning, without any room for luck.

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