Best Board Game For Adults

Best Board Game For Adults

Loaded Questions

Being the sapient beings that adults usually are, this brilliant game is thoughtful and fun at the same time. It is not the usual trivia type of board game. Rather, it is more of a personal preference, “what if” or scenario type of game that will definitely spark conversation, bring about some bouts of laughter, and make you think of things you probably have never thought of before.

Loaded Questions is the perfect game to bring together a group of people and help break the ice by helping them get to know each other at a very wacky and random level. Otherwise, it is also the perfect game for close friends who just want to hang out and catch up a bit with the current events of each other’s life. “Loaded Questions” is probably the best board game for adults especially during gatherings.

To play this game, a group must choose a designated roller. A question is drawn out, such as what is your favorite item in an Ikea store and the rest of the players write down their individual and personal answers.

The designated roller is now tasked to identify who gave what answer, and by identifying the correct match of player to answer, the roller moves up one point.

Conversely, there can also be scenarios wherein it is the roller who writes down the answer and the crowd must individually guess what the roller’s answer is. The first to finish the board and lands the “Win” space is the natural champion.

Now that you know how it is played, you surely must agree that Loaded Questions is indeed the best board game for adults –especially if getting to know you activities are in order.


Yet another mind board game that is sure to stimulate any company of creative adults, Balderdash includes categories and content that are all designed to be manipulated and artfully created into masterpieces by each individual player. To begin playing, a title of a movie is given, with just one of the players knowing the story.

The rest of the players try to guess the plot by elaborating scenarios of their own, while the one writes down the true plot. The stories written down are then mixed up as the group tries to find out which one is the real plot.

The plots need not be lengthy novellas telling tall tales of happenings, but short quipped gists that just about summarizes –or attempts to summarize –a story of the given title.

Now equipped with more categories and more content, it will definitely be a blast to uncover the uncanny truth from the tame to wild fabrications. Now this creative game is fit for people with vast imagination, so prepare for one heck of a ride with the stories you’ll get from your friends once the titles come up.

Balderdash is also the best board game for adults who want a good conversation starter that will lighten the mood and open avenues to discussing personalities and individual character.


At the beginning of the game, you will surely find it easy enough, especially if you’re daring and bold enough. Each player picks out a card and does what is asked of him or her as stipulated in the chosen card.

It can be something like acting as if you are on fire, or as if you are an Olympic swimmer competing for the butterfly division. Now where do the curses come in? Ah yes, along the course of your obedience, you will encounter so-called “curses” that can add variety and challenge to your otherwise unchallenging predicament.

For example, you may be cursed with having to keep your left foot off the ground as you perform your meager task, making it not so meager after all. Just imagine being caught in flames and having to hop on one foot alone!

Curses is the best board game for adults who are after a good laugh with old friends. If you are in a fairly new crowd, though, do not be intimidated. This game might just be the right icebreaker you’ll need to break down barriers and open new and fun friendships in an instant.

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